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JAMStack - A Modern Web Architecture based on client side

The JAMStack is a new way to develop websites that aims to deliver better performance, higher security and lower cost of scaling.

So what does the JAMStack stands for?

It means Javascript API Markup stack.

All the programming is done on the client side using javascript.

No databases, web servers are used when developing under the JAMStack. Instead, third party API's that provider services like authentication, data persistency or content management are used. Examples of services like this are auth0, firebase and contentful.

Templated markup which is prebuilt at deploy through static site generates such as GatsbyJS, Hugo or Jekyll or build tools such as Webpack or Gulp.

JAMStack Architecture


The JAMStack was pioneered by Netlify between 2016 and 2017. The intent was to address some of the limitations of static websites, which tend to be less sophisticated and harder to maintain. (wikipedia)